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Private Messaging




You can only send private messages to other forum members if you are a registered forum member. To do this, go to the top of the page and you'll see "new messages" next to the "user control panel".


Click this and you're into your private message box.


On the left hand side you'll see "Compose message". Click this and up will come a box to write in. On the left hand side you'll also see a Send to: "Usernames:" box. Click "Find a member" and enter their username in the top box and click "search". This should bring up a little box below with this person's name in and if you look along this box, there should be a "PM" button.


If you click this PM button, up comes a box with their name at the top in the "To" section. Add a title for your PM, write a message and click "submit". The message will stay in your outbox till the recipient picks it up when it will move to your sent box.


If you get a reply, you'll notice "1 new message" at the top of the forum. Click that to get to your inbox and click the message to read it.


If the message you sent to someone is still in your Outbox all it means is that the person you are sending it to hasn't yet opened it! When they have opened it it goes in to your 'Sentbox'


Sometimes if you send a PM to someone you think is on line and wonder why you don't get a reply it can be:-


1. They were in the middle of typing a reply to a post and the only way they can continue is to close the pop-up message box, continue with the post they are typing and then hopefully they will remember to go and look at the message! (some of us don't remember ) Or....


2. The five minute delay in refreshing means that their name is showing as still logged in but they have in fact gone off to make a cup of tea! They will find it next time they login.


I cannot send private messages!

There are three reasons for this; you are not registered and/or not logged on, the board administrator has disabled private messaging for the entire board, or the board administrator has prevented you individually from sending messages. If it is the latter case you should try asking the administrator why.


I keep getting unwanted private messages!

In the future we will be adding an ignore list to the private messaging system. For now, though, if you keep receiving unwanted private messages from someone, inform the board administrator -- they have the power to prevent a user from sending private messages at all.


E-mailing through the forum




You can do this in the same way as sending a Private Message. Simply click on the e-mail button in a member's profile or in one of their postings and you will get a posting box in which you can type a message which will be sent directly to that person's e-mail address. Not everyone has the e-mail facility activated so you may need to use the PM system instead.


I have received a spamming or abusive email from someone on this board!

We are sorry to hear that. The email form feature of this board includes safeguards to try to track users who send such posts. You should email the board administrator with a full copy of the email you received and it is very important this include the headers (these list details of the user that sent the email). They can then take action.

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Recently there have been two unrelated instances of the private messaging system being abused, and used to make threatening or abusive attacks on forum members.


The PM system exists so that forum members can contact each other privately. You may want to exchange personal details such as addresses, or you may want to discuss something off-topic, or just share some information that you don't want to put on the forum. Please be careful however about giving your personal contact details out in this way.


PMs should not be used to make personal comments to, or about, another member that would not be acceptable on the open forum. Use of the PM system to make abusive comments to other members will result in your use of the PM system being removed, and may lead to you being banned from the forum.


The Moderating team can only deal with these abuses if they are reported to us, so please contact a Moderator if you think that someone is abusing the PM system.

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