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Usernames and personal information

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It's a good idea to keep your usernames as anonymous as possible. Try to avoid using your given and surnames together and don't use email addresses either. If you want to use your full name, try shortening it to given name plus the initial of your surname for more anonymity as the internet is full of people who like to use personal information so the less you can give them, the safer you are .


If you have chosen an unsuitable or unsafe username, email Tom@omlet.co.uk as he is able to change them for you. Alternatively, you can send a Private message (PM) to Christian


Could I please ask for posters not to put personal information such as addresses, full names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses on the forum. I sound like a nagging old bat but the forum is open to guests now and I can't guarantee that personal information will be used properly.


If you need to pass on any information to anyone for any reason, the best thing to do would be to contact Tom who works for Omlet. His e-mail address is Tom@omlet.co.uk and he is more than happy to pass on messages to others.


Please be safe. This is a worldwide web and no one knows who is reading.


Children especially, please don't post ANY personal information, including which school you attend or your specific location. Don't put this in your profile either. Keep as anonymous as possible and keep safe.


Sorry to be a damp squib but better safe than sorry

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