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Got Betty today and she has laid an egg - but it is a softie

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Betty is about 19 weeks old. Got her today with 2 others. She has just laid an egg in the run but it is a softie.


As we have only got her today, I don't know how long she has been laying for.


Will they get harder? I will add grit and egg shells to their diet, but how long will it take to take effect?


Does that mean we will get an egg every day now?


As Betty laid the egg in the run, will she learn to lay in the nest box? Also when she laid it she pecked at it - is this usual?


....so many questions!!

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At first I got an egg, then nothing for a few days. I give mine baked, crushed egg shell in with their grit all the time.


I'm sure she will just settle down into egg laying soon and the softies will just disappear. But if they don't you can pop into a horse supply shop and get some limestone flour (picture in link). Mine cost £3.95 for 3kg. (The NAF brand is more expensive).



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