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Only one layer, or not?

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I took delivery of 2 16 week old Goldlines and 2 POL Speckledys (not sure how old exactly) a month ago. On Good Friday one of the Speckledys started to lay and has produced a lovely dark brown egg for us on an almost daily basis. About a week later we found a lighter brown egg in the run (Henrietta has been laying in the nest box) and thought one of the others had joined in. However since then there have been no more lighter eggs and we still get just get one egg most days.


I know it's too early for the Goldlines as they're not crouching and have fairly short combs. Would it be that Bumble, our other Speckledy has laid just one then stopped, or could they now be taking turns?


I work through the day so can't sit on egg watch (as much as I'd like to!) to see who is nesting when.


We've never had more than one egg a day, I think they're playing games with me...

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Thanks Cluckbok


When I got home last night one of the smaller Goldlines, Hob"Ooops, word censored!", has started crouching - this must be a sign of good things to come?! Her comb is still fairly short and pale though...


Fingers crossed - the wait is so frustrating!!



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