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OK to eat eggs, again - phew (not heart disease risk)!

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Yes it IS safe to go to work on an egg a day



'In a study to be published in the European Journal Of Nutrition, Dr Bruce Griffin of the centre for nutrition and food safety at the University of Surrey found eggs "have no clinically significant impact on heart disease or cholesterol levels". ...


"Eggs are high in protein, low in calories - a large egg contains only 75 calories and 5g of fat - and are full of vitamins A, B and D," says Claire Williamson, a nutrition scientist at the British Nutrition Foundation.'

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A few years ago the Foods Standards Agency changed its guidelines on egg consumption.


Its current advice is there is no limit, provided your diet is healthy and balanced.


Even better news is that eating eggs for breakfast might actually help you lose weight.


American scientists found that when women were given either an egg or bagel breakfast (with the same calories) those eating eggs felt fuller and were less inclined to snack on fatty foods during the day.


This is great! Hopefully more people will now keep chooks!

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