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My New Beauties

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On Saturday I drove for a 200 mile round trip to collect my new Beauties and I would like to introduce them to you: At the bottom is The Gene Genie, next is Frock and the splash girl is Tallullah. (Frock was pecked on her back at the breeders but she's doing ok.) They are 8 wks old and seem to have grown so much in 3 days! From the front Frock looks like a rook, The Gene Genie looks like a Moorhen and Tallullah looks like a mad dove but I love them! Already got their own little personalities too and have got used to me quite quickly considering they'd had no prior human contact.

Believe it or not they are pure bred Andalusians - my sole remaining Beauty is the 'correct' Blue colour so now I have every colour available!

(sorry the pic is big but I don't care! :P )




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