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Cate in NZ

Clare and Rosie

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I am 36 :( (& Paul) is 42

We both look much older :roll:


Mel :shock: , don't knock yourself..... you're gorgeous, both on the inside and out :D:D OK, I'd have guessed thay you were over 16 from looking at you, not sure that I'd have guessed 36 though :D

I hope you had a good day..... was it today that Clare & Rosie were visiting?

I know off topic again :oops::oops: Maybe a new thread could be in order :?

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Clare came over (Rosie was with her dad) We had a lovely day just chatting (& Paul) spent most of his time going :roll: and trying to get a word in edgeways (ha!!) except when Clare showed him her brown flat tum and then he went all :shock::D:roll: Men eh?

I had to keep as far away from thin brown gorgeous Clare as not only has my eczma not settled down but my right eye is now completely bloodshot. Thank goodness she didnt have a camerea (or maybe she did, but was too scared of the damage I might do to the lens............)

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Sounds like a good, chatty day.

I suppose that really I have a little sympathy for (&Paul), but I guess the flat, brown tummy bit kept him quiet for a while.

I can understand the keeping away from her a bit as well...... too thin, and brown from the sounds of it for the rest of all us mere mortals. I think I'd hate her.... if I didn't like her so much :roll::?

I hope the eczema and the eye settle down very soon. Too much good living over Easter perhaps :wink::roll:

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