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Humanities Rights (Continuing from Dan's caning poll)

Are Human Rights more important than Humanities Rights?  

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  1. 1. Are Human Rights more important than Humanities Rights?

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    • No

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After reading Dan's topic on caning and a few rants by other people, got me wondering:


Do we live in a world where the Human Rights of the invidual are now seen as more important than those of Humanity.


Weekly we hear and read about UK prisoners being apologised to and compensated for jail conditions. Think Tanks tell us that the best way to reduce prison overcrowding is reduce sentence lengths and bring in more community based sentences. At the same time we hear of prisoners released on licence re-offending.


Is it me?

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I wouldn't put it the way you have - and I wouldn't attach it to prisoners... society is judged according to the way it treats it's least popular citizens and all that...




I DO think that we have very gradually lost a sense of civic belonging - by which I mean a sense of the corporate over the individual.


I think the Thatcher years encouraged this - though (of course) it has been a movement much bigger than her! (she's a good scapegoat!)


I also think there is also a social divide on this. I have lived in lots of places - and I have found that there is generally speaking a much greater sense of community or corporate-belonging in poorer areas. (Hartlepool is a good example.) Now that I live in leafy suburbia, the only visible expression of community is the ratepayers association who are worried about people putting their wheelie bins out at the wrong time or young people loitering outside MacDonalds.


I think this represents a loss of soul for society - if we do not feel a belonging to a wider community than we are much the poorer for it.


the answer - go to church! :wink:



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