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Orange Sauce for Salmon etc

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:oops: This will be a bit like my "gardening" tips, I don't really do weights and measures, and I only saw my Mum make this once ... but any copies I have made have been yum 8) .



Orange sauce ... nice with Salmon, New Pots and fine beans.


1 orange ... zested .. and juiced.

Double cream

Butter .. like a dollop

4 egg yolks


Simmer a pan of water, and place a pyrex bowl over the top. (you cook the sauce in the bowl, with the steam being the heat source .. you do know what I mean :wink: ).


Whisk the egg yolks, and add the zest and juice of orange, and some cream. Keep heating and whisking, add a knb of butter and keep whisking. The sauce will thicken, and then add more orange juice and cream (black pepper optional) to suit you taste, and serve with fresh grilled or baked Salmon.


You can add a splash of Contreau if you like but basically, I think this is an orangey hollandaise :!: . :?: .


The whites of the eggs could be used to make meringues for pud, and its a really nice spring/summer recipe.

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