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Guest tanya

my chickens have stopped laying -- any ideas why?

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For the first 4 weeks, they were laying nearly everyday, but then they stopped. Is there some supplement I am not giving them? They have layers pellets, grass, grit and water.

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If your chickens are losing feathers, they may be going through the moult - in which case they will not lay whilst going through this. (But I think this may be too early/too young?)


Chickens don't like being upset and to some extent are creatures of habit, -has anything changed within their immediate environment?



Hope this helps.

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I have the same problem with my Gingernut Ranger. Didn't lay an egg for around 3 weeks, having previously produced daily. Then one did arrive a week ago, but since that nothing again. She is more nervous than the Miss Pepperpot - doesn't seem to eat as much layers mash and spends more time scatching and nibbling from the ground.



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