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If you know someone who recieves benifits / income support

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let them know they can get free energy saving lightbulbs. and free wall / loft insulation.


Loft insulation:

08008818959 (Save up to 40 % on fuel bills)

if you in receipt of any of the following benefits


- disability allowance

- council tax benefit

- housing benefit

-income support

- income based job seekers allowance

- war disablement pension must include the mobility supplement or constant attensdance allowance

- disablement pension benefit must include constant attendance allowance

- child tax credit where household earned income is less than £14600 per annum

-pension credit

-attendance allowance

-disabled person tax credit



(you can get 4 from each), and you dont have to be a customer)



scottish power


telephone on

08448000444 quoting ref B11VM


N Power You will get TWO FREE 60W bulbs & TWO FREE 40W bulbs.

Just send your name, address and benefit details quoting ref: BES506 to: Powergen




M19 2HD

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Even if you don't receive any of those benefits, you can still get a grant of up to 55% of the cost towards loft insulation/cavity wall insulation. (In our area, but I guess it's similar with all councils?) We just had a loft conversion earlier this year which is fully insulated but I have already enquired about the cavity wall insulation. Works out at £299 for a 4 bed house. Like you say, well worth it :D

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