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How do you all feel about buying organic produce?


I was thinking about it and on one hand I would love to buy all organic produce for my home, and then I thought, but does it mean anything if there is so much cruelty in the world to animals, like is all the organic yoghurt doing easing my own conscience when I should be out fighting for cows rights?


I realise that to buy organic produce is good because it encourages the marketability and may one day mean all products change to this standard but are we doing it for ourselves or for the greater good?


any thoughts?

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Well we buy mainly organic produce where possible and also use farmers markets. I believe it is good for us health wise and is doing our bit to encourage better animal welfare and less pesticide use etc. I honestly feel better and we've increased our 'clean living' over the past 18 months.


Beware of the term 'Organic' in the garden centre or on beauty products. It is not covered by regulation and unless they volunteer certification information they can use term organic without it being 'ORGANIC'.


Organic compost for instance means it's from a natural source only.


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