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Urgent - can anyone chick-sit in Gloucestershire?

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This is a long-shot, but I'm desperately looking for an Eglu sympathiser to look after Hetty and Bella from 8th August - 23rd August.

The plan had been to employ a cat-sitter who would also tend to the hens. However, at present H and B absolutely shout their heads off from 5.30am (they are spoilt, and are let out into the garden all day at this point) I'm worried that 2 weeks of this shouting

will really annoy the neighbours, as cat-sitter can't get here until 10am.

Does anyone live near? Could anyone look after H and B? They don't have to come out of the Eglu - (but they might shout and look indignant!) I would be ever so ever so grateful....... :lol:


Just to avoid confusion - this posting is by Tweetheart who has been having a few log in problems. If you can help, you can contact them via the forum using the PM or e-mail buttons on one of their postings or by finding them in the memberlist - Kate :D

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Don't worry everyone.


Berthaand prissysmum (aka Lisa) had a brilliant idea.

They're going to live in the Eglu, which will be put in the blacked out garage! The plan is that this will trick them into not shouting so early in the morning. And even if they do, it won't be so audible to the neighbours anyway.

The cat sitter can then let them out for the day, and put them back in at night.

Well done Lisa for brilliant lateral thinking!!


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