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All in One Toad

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I had everything ready to make toad-in-the-hole with mashed potatoes and veggies but impending rain meant I had to go and help feed all the animals, so.....


I dried off the potatoes and threw them into a hot roasting tin and let them cook for a few minutes, added chunks of carrot and then, a couple of minutes later, the sausages and chunks of courgette.


Thirty minutes later all the animals were fed and watered, I'd collected salad on the way back in and all we had to do was make some gravy (yes, I know, salad and gravy :roll: ) The veggies were peeping out of the batter, like the sausages, and had roasted - Yum!


A lovely meal for a wintery ( :shock: ) August evening!


PS - the potato chunks weren't too big as I had already cut them for mash.

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