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Noisy Chooks & Pecka-Block

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So - since we have moved the hens have got rather vocal :roll:

And they are also trying (and nearly succeeding) to train my OH to let them out as much as possible.

I think the problem is that we have been so busy since moving that we have not had the same amount of time to let them out - also they are used to having an extension, which they don't have at the moment until we re organise the garden.


So - I have been shutting the Eglu door at night because they have been making a racquet from about 0530 onwards and I don't think that's a good way to start with the neighbours.


So - I ordered a pecka-block, in the hope to keep them occupied.

Last night I resorted to leaving the Eglu door open for them so they could get up when they liked - and either I slept far too soundly to be woken up, or it worked!


Only one night - but fingers crossed it keeps working. Will keep you posted as this may be helpful for other early morning noisy chooks.

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