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I planted coriander seeds earlier this year, but then neglected them a bit :oops: . They flowered, suprisingly quickly I thought, & now have little green berries. I realise that I probably should have removed the flower heads to stop the seeding process, but somehow I didn't quite get round to it :oops::oops::oops:

But, are these coriander seeds usable, either to cook with, or to plant out for new coriander next year, and do I have to dry them before I do whatever with them?

I'm quite fed up that I'm now effectively coriander-less- I love a good curry, with loads of coriander, garlic, chilli & tomato- and my chilli's & tomatoes aren't even ripe yet :roll:

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Yes KateA, you can use these seeds, just leave them on the plant until they are ripe and golden brown. You may have to tie a paper bag on the seed heads nearer ripening otherwise they may all drop the seeds. If you have a lot, just pick the plants when nearly ready and tie in bunches. Leave them to dry hanging upside down.


I've never been able to grow decent leaf coriander, it always grows tall and flowers :cry:

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Coriander is a finicky plant. You must grow it from seed and keep it in the same pot or in the ground but don't move it. If you try to transfer it to a bigger pot it will go into shock and go to seed.


You can use the seeds to grow new plants or dry them out to use in cooking.


It's easy to grow and grows like a weed, once you know how. I went through so many plants until I was told what not to do.


Good Luck



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Thanks for the advice, now I know what I did wrong. In my enthusiasm to get my herbs planted out I sowed the seeds in a terracotta tub on my kitchen windowsill, & then transplanted them into the garden when the weather improved :oops::oops:

I'll save those seeds, & perhaps try again with a fresh lot of coriander if it's not too late to plant it now.

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