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Organic Vegatable website

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Ohhh... Found a lovely new website that delivers organic veg and some fruit to your door step for free. The website is www.rivernene.co.uk I know this can only be of help for people that live in my area, but have had my first delivery and the produce is fantastic!!!


You can order online and have a varietry of sized boxes delivered to your house.


I'm on my own little quest to buy little as poss. from supermarkets. I have supported my local butcher for around two years and i'm quite happy now to drop the supermarkets for veggies so I will only get the essentials from them.


Would dearly love to grow my own, but if you can't do it, either through lack of space or time this could be a good alternative!! :):)




Hi Debbie... Have moved your topic to the "Green Thinking" section, where more people are likely to see it. AnnieP

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I use Riverford, in Devon, and I know from the bumpf they send each week that they helped to set up the River Nene scheme. I'm glad you enjoyed your box! I love getting my veg each week and we enjoy so much more variety than I would ever buy in the supermarket. :D

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