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Has anyone got any top tips for stopping my chickens jumping a six foot fence? I have two Jasmines that hop over whenever they feel like a bit of grass or my veg!! :roll:

I have clipped their wings and made my fence stronger, but Myrtle just started holding it down so Marsha (who is a bit smaller) could hop over. My 2 Omlet hens never even attempt it, but I think their wimps rather than not being able!


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Oh Dear - some hens can be more determined than others :lol:


Is there anything that is giving them a leg up - a flowerpot or log maybe,that can be moved?

Other than that,I think that if you put something on the top of the fence,leaning in towards your garden,then that would deter them.

Or a bit of trellis to give an extra foot os so,maybe?


Good luck! :P

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