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*Revolting post alert*

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Any thoughts I might have had about getting a cat have suddenly disappeared! :shock:



Oh go on, you NEED one.


I have a friend looking to home a litter of kittens.


:shock::shock::shock::shock: Do NOT post pictures Helen, or you'll get a slap! I can't resist kitties.


Go on Egluntine, you know you want one..... on the other hand, it could disappear into YS's room never to be seen again! :?



I haven't got any pics as my friend only called me last night - one of her local feral cats had a litter, but the mother has been run over :cry: . The babies are weaning age and she is caring for them but desperately needs homes for them.


OH says I can't take one as I have a Maine Coon coming in a few months and he considers one cat to be enough... sadly he's right as I'd end up with the whole lot in a weak moment. He knows me too well - I can't resist them either.


If anyone would consider homing one (Egluntine????) please let me know in a PM and I can put you in touch with my friend Rita. She homed my last cat with me, who was an absolute darling, so I trust her!

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Awww, I hope they all find homes. I am having to sit on Shaun to stop him phoning you Yorkshire Pudding as he is a sucker for kittens :roll: .


I may have found a home for one ( the lady is considering it overnight, she had been thinking of having a cat when these were mentioned), but there's a whole litter... keep him in check Mostin or you'll end up with the lot! :roll:

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