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Cut Maize as feedstuff

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My girlies go batty for cut maize. Give them a corn on the cob, and they wont touch it ("you want me to eat THAT?!"), but cut corn, they just cant get enough.


Now, I know chickens in the supermarket can be corn fed and yellow, but is it ok to just feed them corn? given the choice between mash and corn (layers mash is always available, they wont eat pellets very often) they are straight at the corn!


Any harmful side effects, apart from yellow chickens and them getting too fat?

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I'd suggest that corn should be kept as a treat, rather than a staple diet, simply because the layers mash contains all the nutrients that they need to keep them healthy and laying. Giving them corn alongside the mash is a bit like offerring children chocolate alongside a balanced meal... we all know what most of them will choose :wink: , but sadly it doesn't do them any good long term, makes them fat and doesn't give sufficient nutrition for health.

Mine love corn... and grapes.... and boiled rice... leftover pasta etc, etc, :roll: , but I've got into the habit of expecting them to eat layers pellets all day, then they can have a small amount of whichever treat's on offer before they go to roost :D

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