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We had some very heavy rain the other night and I was disappointed to find that the nest in the eglu was very damp the next day. When I examined the hatch I was surprised to see that it is not designed to be waterproof, but the deep channels it sits in are made to act like a gutter so that any water is guided harmlessly around the opening and drips away at the bottom. :roll:


We bed our birds down on shredded straw and when refreshing their bedding we'd left some straw in the channels around the hatch. In the heavy rain this acted like leaves in a gutter and had caused the water to back up and drip into the nest area. :oops:


The moral is that when you replace the hatch cover be sure the channels it sits in are free of any debris or you'll end up with a damp chicken, and a damp chicken isn't a happy chicken! :cry:

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