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Bonding Rabbits Question

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Please can someone give me some advice on bonding rabbits. I have a male and female dwarf lop, both have been neutured. I have been attempting to bond them since July! If they are in a neutral space (indoors) they get on so well, they clean each other lay next to each other. I can leave them there all day and they will not fight. It's a different story when I try to put them in the same run, I put them in there on Saturday for about 5 hours and they were fine, I tried again yesterday morning and they almost had a fight. They live in the same hutch but it is divided in half and their runs are next to each other. I swap the rabbits over in the runs every other day. I bring them indoors each evening and they get along. What can I do to stop them fighting in the run? It's always the female that attempts to start the fight.


I was thinking of buying an eglu and taking to a friends house so it's neutural terrority to see if they get on there. If they do leave them there for a few days and bring them back to my house and hope they dont fight.


Any other ideas?

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