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Egg Production

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Yes they will lay when they want or not as our two have shown :(


Rose lays most days but Mickey hasn't laid an egg for months now


PS Nice to see another chicken owner in Wolverhampton 8) Thought we were the only ones :D

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I get a 3 egg day once or twice a week, other than that its usually 2 (and occasionally 1) so every few days one of them is having a rest. I've come to accept this as normal although if they all laid every day I could give more away which is what I was hoping to do.

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I guess we're just lucky. Once the girls got started, they now lay every day - lovely big brown eggs. However, at least I will know not to worry if they stop their every day habit.

We did find that they started laying really well once we switched from layers pellets to layers mash - they love their hot mash every morning - beaks are going into the feeder before it's even attached to the run!


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