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Mel (& Paul)

Helen's (Max Hen)super lamb casserole

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we went over to Maxhens house last week for supper and had a lovely meal of lamb:



Lamb recipe




One shoulder of lamb on the bone


Olive oil


Coriander – fresh leaves bunch of


Fresh ginger sliced thinly


Garlic – chopped


Some water – ¼ - pint


Juice of one lemon


One lemon sliced - unwaxed


Half a dozen chopped black olives








Sear the lamb on a hot ring in a heavy lidded saucepan in the olive oil as much as the shape of it will allow




Add the water, garlic, lemon juice, coriander leaves, ginger and grind some salt over the meat


Put in a hot oven for half an hour and then move to a simmering oven temperature for anything up to 5 hours – not sure what your oven allows but get it really hot first then do everything on top and pop the pan in and then turn the oven down to say gas mark 4…..




Periodically baste the meat with the juices.




Around half an hour before due to take out of oven pop in the olives and lemon slices and pop back in the oven




I let the meat stand in the pot (out of the oven) for around 10-15 minutes before bringing it to the table




Just cut the meat off from the pan as Iain did at the table






With the leftovers….








I gently reheated the pot it was in leaving the bone in – after adding a tin of chopped tomatoes, a chopped carrot, a chopped red onion, a chopped potato




I let it heat through and when all the meat was easily removed from the bone I removed the bones (two!) and added some liquid cornflour (prob not for Paul) but some red lentils would do the same job – a tables spoon (depends how much liquid was left in the pot)




Popped it all in the simmering oven – gas mark 4 again probably would do it – experiment!




And – lamb casserole is the result. Iain is not a lover of casseroles and stews but he liked it. He even ate the olives! Some has gone in the freezer (the meat was bought fresh)

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