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Where did THIS come from????

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Well, we are totally confused now. Chutney has been a bit off laying lately, after a sterling first fortnight, she now is only laying three times a week, but they've all been practically identical in size and colour.


This morning my husband went to let the girls out, and found a huge creamy coloured egg in the run.... I will post photos when I can work it all out - until then, honestly, the difference is enormous. Chutney's eggs have all been brown and slightly speckled, this is nothing of the sort.


Could it be Treacle, our Miss Pepperpot's first egg?? Anybody else with this variety of chook had enormous creamy coloured eggs? Of course, if there are two eggs in the eglu tomorrow we'll know for sure that Treacs is laying finally...... cos I don't think Parsnip could have produced anything near so large. In fact, if this WAS Treac's first egg......I'm not sure she'll ever want to lay another!!!! It was bigger than the large free range eggs I got in Sainsburys the other day.....


I shan't add to the egg bar on my sig just yet......in case it was down to all those worms that Chutney's been eating.....and the supersize was the accumulation of three days worth of egg production :lol:



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I think it MUST be Treacle's first egg then - I shall amend my signature immediately :D I was just uncertain because the omlet site says they lay brown eggs.....and this was definitely cream. She also doesn't look nearly as mature as Chutney, our laying GNR, although she has got much redder in the face lately. I'll have to do the cockrel thing (arms wide coming from behind :P ) and see if she crouches down like Chutney does.


I still can't get over just how big this egg was..... and how nice it tasted scrambled at lunch time.... :wink:



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Thanks for the congrats!!!


Thats the wierd thing -

Babs GNR smallish brown eggs every other day ish 4-5 a week

Laverne PP Huge cream eggs EVERY day

Shirley PP Huge (long) BROWN eggs


bizarre but at least i know whos laying.


Our first 3 egg day was yesterday i was sooooo excited!!!!


Christian x x x

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