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Film of Alan the hen

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You have got to view the film of Alan the hen on page one of the photo album.

That has got to be the fastest hen I've ever seen and with a serious addiction to corn. Anyone else got any moving pics of their hens? I could have in theory but it means reading half a manual about how to use the 30 second video clip facility on my digital camera and I really don't feel up to that yet!

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I'm not sure. It just happened. When we decided to get the chickens I think I suggested Alan as a comedy name. Thing is, as you all know, you have to wait quite a few weeks for delivery and in the meantime the name just stuck! Our other chicken is called Mo (short for Mohammed).




Alan is still just as keen on corn, and just as nimble - despite being such a lardy chicken. She knows what container the corn is in and the noise it makes if shaken and will tear from one end of the garden to the other!

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Alan appears out of the bushes in the background running so fast she looks like a small dog at first. When she reaches Steve and the corn you can see she is actually a rather gorgeous ginger hen.


I wonder if Steve would like to be a technical advice person for video on the album? I also have no idea how to go about putting video on the album - assuming I ever understand the manual about how to film video with my digital camera!

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