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have spent ages trying to add a picture to my profile found a picture which is in my pictures file tried to follow previous directions but not computer literate! :oops: what is URL? can any one guide me through the correct procedure in VERY BASIC language! Nikki

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It's probably too big and that's why it won't upload. You need to make sure that it's no more than 80 pixels on any side and no more than 12K in size.


I'll do my best to talk you through adding an avatar.


You will need to use a Photoshop programme or something similar which you can change the size of your picture in. Open up whatever photo programme you have, click "open" and browse for the picture you've saved (they usually go to My Pictures in My Documents). Double click on the name of the picture you've saved so that it's displayed on the screen in front of you. Go to the top tool bar and you should find something that says "Image" - click on that and you should see "Image Size". Select that and inside there should be a box where you can change the size of the image. Choose "Pixel width and height" and make sure you fill the boxes so that neither say anything more than 80 pixels. Save the image in "My Pictures".


Go into your profile on the forum. Go to "Upload an Avatar from your machine" and click the "browse" button. You should get a big box come up

which automatically opens to "My Pictures". Find the image you've saved and double click on it. The name of it should appear in the box next to "browse" in your profile. Click "submit" and with a little luck and crossed fingers, you should have a new avatar with your name.


If it doesn't work, let me know and I'll PM you my e-mail address so that you can e-mail the picture to me and I'll add it to your profile for you using my site admin magic wand and big pants.


Good luck!

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By the way, the URL is the address of the place where your picture has come from. Say I was going to copy a picture of mine from the gallery onto this page - I would find the picture, click the right hand mouse button on it and up would come a menu. I'd select properties from that menu and up would come a box. On that box is a long address (the URL) which starts with http usually and ends with something like .jpg. I would highlight the whole of that address (http right through to the .jpg bit) and then I would click my right hand mouse button on it and select copy from the menu. When I got into this particular topic, I would click the right hand mouse button and the address would be pasted into this posting window. If I left it like that, it would just display as a long URL address like this http://www.omlet.co.uk/club/gallery/albums/album21/HENS_Clarry_looking_better_on_the_lawn_14th_June_2005.jpg when I posted the reply but if I highlighted it again and clicked the "Img" button near the top of this page, it would come out as a picture instead because it had at%20one%20end%20of%20the%20URL%20address%20and at the other end, telling the computer that it was an image that was being posted.


Ta da!



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dear superkate still cant do it lost one of the pictures but have another one still in my pjs house a tip only thing ive done is see to gladys and veronica!so your wonderful offer to do it for me is most appreciated please send me your e mail add so ican e mail you my pic (if i can do it!)ps why do i keep getting e mail from james saying something about being notified about topic??? (Think my brain is very little and having great difficulty in understanding anything at moment :oops: )

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Oh dear Nikki!!


I've PMd you my e-mail address so you can attach the picture to the e-mail and I can try resizing it for you and add it to your profile. You do want it as an avatar which sits under your name for all the postings, don't you?


You've probably clicked "Notify me when a reply is posted" in the box which comes up when you post a reply. I'll have a look and turn it off for you if you have and that's why you're getting the e-mails from James!


Don't worry, I'll sort that!

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