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The added benefits of keeping chickens!

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After several (eventful!) weeks of having the girls, I realised last night a few unexpected benefits our family had gained as a consequence. After struggling to lose any weight for the last 2 months, since I got Belle and Star I have lost 7lbs, because I have been occupied with them instead of picking at biscuits in the kitchen.


The kids have spent much more time in the backgarden, as they don't want to miss any comedy moments from the girls. In fact, the playstation hasn't been on in 3 weeks, even on rainy days, as they prefer to stand in the rain with the chickens!


The kids have started eating more veggies - if it's good enough for the chooks, it's certainly good enough for them - even cabbage, something they would never have touched before.


Also the chickens seem to require just the right amount of resposibility that a 6 and 7 year old can manage - a dog is too much (that's chookiehubbies job!) and cats too little (thats 2 year old Caitlins job)!


I always knew that this was a good decision, I just didn't realise HOW good, until now!


The only bad thing, of course, is that when I'm not in the garden with the girlies, I'm on the forum - my housework is suffering and chookiehubbies clean shirts are running out...............



I wonder if 7 is too young to learn to iron......................?!

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Course not - teach them young I reckon - Stu is 27 and still not a clue where the iron is let alone how to use it! Then again, this is the same man who never used to wash socks during his days as a singleton living away from his Mum - he used to buy 10 pairs from Sainsbury's, wear them twice :shock: and then throw them away - men! :roll:

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