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Muesli Bar Recipe

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No eggs in this one!!! It is for homemade muesli bars. They are really easy, good fun if you want to involve the kids and much better value than shop-bought. Once they are made and in the tin, they also make a quick and nutritious breakfast.


Adapted from Bill Granger, 'Everyday', where they are called 'Real Muesli Bars' (p118)


Basically, the recipe is really simple. Combine the dry ingredients, Mix in the wet (sugars and oil), press into a lined tin and bake at 130degC (250F, Gas 1) for 50 minutes. Mark for cutting while still warm and keep in an airtight tin.


For the dry, take 350g (3.5 cups, 12oz) rolled oatmeal and add whichever fruit and nuts you want. The recipe suggests 30g coconut, 50g almonds, 45g wheatgerm, 30g sesame seeds, 35g sunflower seeds and 55g dried apricots.

I used the 350g oatmeal, about 50g coconut, chopped hazelnuts and almonds (handful of each), glace cherries (about 10), 50g dried blueberries, handful currants and a handful each of chopped figs, dates and apricots.


The mix is bound with 185ml (3/4 cup, 6 fl oz) honey, 124ml (1/2 cup, 4 fl oz) vegetable oil and 55g (1/4 cup, 2oz) firmly packed soft brown sugar. Warm these in a pan until the sugar melts. I added golden syrup in place of some of the honey because I wanted to use it up. I'd expect butter would work well in place of the oil too.


Although my choice of ingredients was largely based on the contents of my cupboard, they do work really well together. Just be careful of the ratio of wet to dry. Too much dry and the bars won't stay together. Too much and it will be too greasy.





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The more I hear about this Bill Granger chap,the more I want his book - he sounds like my sort of cook :P


And I see its on offe on Amazon.................& I have to place an order anyway..................


I really like his cooking and have all his books. If I were you, I would start with Sydney Food, which was his first and has some great recipes. Some start by looking very complicated, but when you realise that it's just lots of (say) marinade ingredients that you can swap in and out they are alot simpler. Everyday is very good, though, so you'll not go wrong if you go for that one!


Some of my favourite recipes are his, such as Lemon Chicken on a bed of warm lentil du Puy salad. Yum. Even though it's breakfast time now it's still making my mouth water!


I lived in Australia and even went to his restaurant, which does actually serve many of the dishes in his book. It really nice being able to go home having had a really nice meal and know you could have a go at it yourself!





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