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On the first day of getting my chickens (got 3), one of the ginger ones(a sweet chicken who from day one let me pick her up) was pecking at my other ginger ones (a very shy chicken that stayed in the Eglu for the first 2 days) bum. To the point that it was bleeding noticeably. Was very worryed as she clucked everytime she was pecked. could this have been down to stress of moving to a new place or ranking? in the end the chicken that was being pecked was the boss. :?

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Glad to hear it all worked out Fiona! :D


It is a necessary part of chicken behaviour to sort out the pecking order, but worrying when they draw blood.


Purple spray is always handy for wounds like this. The stress level shouldn't have been too high - just the pecking order thing I think.

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