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Few questions about the cube

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Does anyone know if the chickens are able to jump on top of it?

(in which case I'll need to put trellising on top of the fences)


How much room should you allow for poop tray etc?


I've just been measuring up the chook enclosure, may have to get rid of old rotting shed and get smaller greenhouse, but hey, more chickens! :wink:


There was something else but I've forgotton. :roll:

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We are all only able to estimate from photographs at the moment (those of us who have rashly ordered may have to remodel our gardens).


The length doesn't look as though it will be a problem:

Cube + 2 metre standard run is much the same as

Eglu + 2 metre standard run.


Ditto with extensions: the length is not going to be different. And the twin poop trays look to me as they won't require quite as much space at the back.


It's the width that's much bigger: being oblong, the run and Eglu are the full width all the way along, and you need a good space each side to reach the door handle one side and the egg port the other. The Eglu could be squashed in up against a fence; but as I see it the Cube can't be, and needs walking space all round.


As for whether chickens can jump on top of the Cube, it depends how high your chickens can jump! I think one of mine might be able to, but not the other two. If you have to leave a space all round, there may not be anywhere to jump next, in which case it doesn't matter.


I am sure that once the Cube starts being delivered people will come up with all sorts of resourceful ideas of how to stack the Cube against the fence and still be able to open its door handle: but until we get our Cubes, we can't be sure.

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