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First egg, but chook upset

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Bronwyn has just laid her first egg! We've only had her a week. We thought she was going to this morning. She has literally just laid and walked down the run so OH had a look in the egg hatch and there it was! He took it out, but Bron got very upset and started squawking loudly and nothing could pacify her. Should we give her her egg back? it was upsetting to hear :(

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No don't do that or she may go broody! I have one like that, I just make sure I give a little treat to distract when I take out the eggs!

She is just being protective. In her mind she thinks it will hatch into a little chick, she doesn't realise that it will end up in your frying pan!

Just say thnkyou for your egg & hope she shuts up!



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glad to say the food diversion trick worked a treat (male tendencies?!?). She was soon back to her normal self foraging round the garden, seemingly haven forgotten all about it. When (we think) she was laying, she made some awful noises. I really thought the poor girl was in pain. I did keep telling her what a clever girl she had been! It wasn't a bad size egg either, considering it was her first. It was nice she laid today because my gorgeous 4 year old nephew came over to see the chooks and I was able tell him that she had laid it especially for him :D. He was thrilled! I put it in a box and he has taken it home with him!

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