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A Design Fault?

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Hi everyone, I've had my eglu mk2 since June last year & have been really happy with it & my 3 Omlet girls. But I do have one little niggly thing I've found wrong with it. I really wish it didn't have the slat / long hole in the door way. I don't really see why it needs it, well not such a long slit anyway. All it ever does it gets full of easy bed / wood chips & muck where the girls wipe their beaks on their doorstep! :roll: The times I have to get my hand in with a s"Ooops, word censored!"er thing to fish it all out, as otherwise the door doesn't lock properly / handle doesn't go fully down - when i shut them in at night. I have thought about putting something like tape over the slit. Not moaning, just wish it wasn't there! A good excuse to get the cube! :wink:



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