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Feather pecking

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I have recently noticed that one of my chooks keeps pulling out the feathers of another chook. She has never done this before and I can’t understand why she is doing it now. The one that is getting pecked has always been above her in the pecking order. They have an extremely large run, with different platforms to climb to, they have food balls so that they can kick around and amuse themselves and their fresh greens are hung up so as they have to jump a little to get it. So it cannot be boredom. She still does this, even if they are in the garden, it seems that if the other one is near her and she fancies eating a feather she takes one. All three girls are very placid and friendly, but she has just taken to eating feathers!!


I obviously want to stop this quickly before anymore disappear – any ideas why and how to stop it please.

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Some feather plucking is a natural part of sorting out the pecking order, so it does happen as a rule (but it seems yours have already done that?)


If the feather plucker (easy for some to say!) is drawing blood, she may have taken a liking to it, so keeps going back for more.


You could try using a 'bumper bit' on the offending hen for a while. You can buy them here The Domestic Fowl Trust


It will still allow her to eat and drink as normal, but will stop the pecking. Leave it on for a while and she may well get out of the habit.


Edit - have a read of this thread. And this one has some photo's from Gallina.

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