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Guest Dilly

Anyone keeping rabbits in an Eglu rather than an Rablu

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Just wondered if anyone is keeping their rabbits or guinea pigs in an Eglu


I have been asked the question if it can be used for that - but had explained the differences


Therefore I wondered if anyone in successfully doing so.


I have seen Eglus advertised on Ebay as lately as suitable for chickens and rabbits - which I think is a bit naughty saying so - but I might be wrong.


I usuall am :roll:

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Thanks - I suggested they look at Omlet Rablus, and could conceivably do as you mentioned - but said as I do not keep rabbits I have no idea.

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Yes, our rabbits are in a chicken Eglu.


We removed the roosting bars and filled the Eglu with hay. We stood the whole thing (Eglu and run) on a base of wire netting. They have the normal drinking bottle attached to the side and a bowl for their food. They also have a cat litter tray at the door end of the run which they use - much to my surprise!


We put willow or apple branches in for them to chew - and they seem very happy! :D

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Thank you so much for the information - it is very much appreciated. I didn't to mislead anyone by saying you could. I can let them know

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