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Phew....egg not dead!

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Just wanted to share today's trauma. We've had our Gingernut (Tikka) for over 4 weeks now - she looked ready to lay - we were all waiting. But today she wouldn't come out of the Eglu, not even for a raisin. Eventually she did, but was almost unable to walk and very unresponsive - she kept sitting down with her eyes shut. I really thought the end was in sight for her......an infected crop was my internet-derived diagnosis! Anyway, about lunchtime she started drinking and moving about a little - she then when into the Eglu (with Bhuna, the PP, in tow). An hour later, out she came, and we collected our first egg! I was so surprised, I really thought she was on death's door - now she's back to normal. I suspect she went though something similar to giving birth - poor thing!


Just wanted to share this in case anyone else has a similar event (avoid worry!)



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