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biology lesson please?

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further to our on-going experiment with clarence court eggs....... :wink:


our little Frizzle has evicted one of the eggs from her nest and pecked a small hole in it.

overwhelmed by curiosity, Dave cracked the egg into a glass (to see if the yolk was as orange as one of ours)

The yolk is surprisingly small and has two big white 'globs' (note the technical term :wink: ) attached to it, one on either side.

It also has a small, perfectly round white bit on the top.


I gotta say I wouldn't want to eat one :P

are these signs of a fertilised egg?


Although I have some grave misgivings about this plan, I am totally fascinated! :D

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lots of views but no replies :shock:


perhaps this will help!

here is a site that shows the day by day development of a fertile egg.

If, like me, you are a bit impatient you can skip about just looking at the pictures of 'candled' eggs so you know what to look for :D


gosh.....hope this link works




Edit (Claret) I've tried setting it up as a link, but it looks like part of the address is wrong; if you can post the correct addy, I'll mend it for you CX

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:P Hi Tara ... generally if there is a white thread in the egg its fertilised ... as this is the sperm :wink: . Sometimes you can see how it has already penetrated the yolk, getting basically stuck in there :wink::lol: .


Some peeps will not eat eggs like this .. depends on your level of :shock: , I have some eggs from the adopted flock, who run with several cockererls, so sometimes there is a thread in the boiled egg. Personally it does not bother me ... and you can remove it.


For hatching .. these are the ideal eggs, as chances are they are fertilised.

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