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new hen advice please

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I am so lucky :D , my hubby has bought me a new cube for my birthday, not getting it yet but when I do, I thought I might get another (or some) extra chooks.

A few things to be considered here though....


I already have the 2 standard "omlet" hens about 18 mths old now. Don't know how they will take to "newbies"


For holidays, they have all got to fit back into a mark2 eglu (so thought maybe bantams?)


Even though my 2 lay enough, i would like a good layer - how big are bantam eggs?


Availability - we are not in a good area for finding "rural supplies" so they can't be too unusual.


There - that's a bit to get your teeth into - so any suggestions?


PS At least I'm not asking what colour to get, that's already been decided and we know how much debate that creates!!! :lol:

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Hi - If you only have 2 chooks at the moment - 2 more chooks will fit in the MK2 easy. You know how they snuggle up at night....room for about 8 in mine, the way they sleep!!! :shock: Just don't have buff orpingtons - they are huge! I wouldn't mix bantams and large breeds, instead get some advice from a breeder on chooks that are naturally petite.

I've got 3 Omlet chooks by the way.


Oooo exciting, more chookies!



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Hi Twiglet.


I have 4 medium hybrids in my Eglu mk2.


Can't help you on breed advice as I'm only new to this lark. But there is a where to buy chickens section on this forum in FAQ. Also in the back of Practical Poultry Magazine this month (june 07 iss 39) I've counted at least 11 listings of breeders in Staffordshire in directory. I won't list them here because of copyright. But if you log onto their website a single back issue will cost you £3.45 online. www.practicalpoultry.co.uk

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