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beach chick

Rabbit C. Nesbitt - my freerange rabbit!

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hi all bunny people - thought you might like to hear about Rabbit C. Nesbitt!

4 years ago, he and his brother escaped from their hutch while we were away - my mother had not closed it properly. They proved literally impossible to catch, despite attempts to lure them in, and a rather undignified attempt to net them with the hammock.

we thought they'd perish quickly...

in fact, 4 years later although we are down to just one (never found out what happened to the other), Rabbit C. Nesbitt lives the life of Riley. he sleeps in the logpile at night, and spends his days in the garden, chasing the cats and now investigating the chooks. He has reached an accommodation with all the local cats, whereby they know they cant catch him, and therefore just ignore him. He even chases them when he's bored! He will come and talk to us, and be fed by hand (although mostly he eats whatever he can find, I do give him rabbit mix every other day or so) but you cant ever catch him to pick him up. and he is so happy that I wouldnt want to cage him again anyway...

the only downside is the number of people who come to tell us the rabbit's out!!

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