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Houdini Chicken

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Well fitted the bumper bit at the weekend and everything seemed to be well. The next day Darla came running up to me as if to say 'oh, look at me', she'd only gone and got the bit off. So I fitted another one - within 24 hours that one was off too. So I am now on my third and last bit!!!


I made sure that the bits were all fitted correctly. Why is this happening? Or have I just got a houdini chicken who can escape from anything?

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I have just called the Wernlas place and he has never heard of a chicken getting out of one before. I've definitely put them on correctly, and once they are on have pulled (gently of course) and there is no way it is going to come off. The only thing he could think of was that she has a smaller beak.


I really don't know how she does it, within 10 minutes of running round the garden it's off. So now, unfortunately, she will be confined to the run whilst the others have the run of the garden. I am tempted to follow her and see how she does it, but I've only got this one left so I'm praying she doesn't do it again.


She really is a friendly, placid bird and just sits on your lap, lets you open her beak and pop it in. She is probably laughing inside and thinks, 'you think this one will stay on!!!'

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