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I,ve had my bunnies for 4 weeks now and on the whole have settled in well.They have a litter tray in the run which on the whole use well, although they do still leave a small trail of poos in the run. Every time I clean the rablu out there is one area with a small amount of urine soaked wood shavings although they do urinate heavily in the ltter tray.Is this area in the rablu a way of marking their home? Both rabbits seem to prefer sleeping in the run which I find hard to get my head round especially after the wet weather we have had lately. I have put a small dog bed full of hay for them to sit in but they still decide to sit on the damp patio, although this afternoon Millie has decided to sleep in the used litter tray!!! Any suggestions of what else I can do to encourage them to sleep off the damp patio?

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Don't worry too much, rabbits seem to have a mind of their own :) mine use a lit tray, but still poo in the rablu, they have never slept in the rablu, but do like their dog bed :? they are back on grass, so spend most of their time on there, I don't shut them in at night. But just like your bunnies they have lots of choice, so don't worry, sounds like you are doing everything you can :)

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