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Bumpers for Bantams?

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Our Bantam pen is now looking very sad,with only Sherbert (lemon Pekin) & Floss (White Poland) left.

So........time for some new hens!!!


My one concern is Sherbert who is a complete thug, & even though we are hopefully getting hens in lay who will be a bit older I really worry that she will be her usual nasty,evil, bullying self :roll:


I do have some Bumper Bits somewhere, but my question is will they fit Bants (she is teeny!), or are there special mini ones for mini beasts?

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I got mine from the wenlas collection in shropshire. I Think the best action would be to give them a call, they are extremely helpful and give great advice too.


I think there number is 01584856318


hope this helps

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