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Tom and Barbara

Calling Dilly....calling Dilly.....

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So far


Pencil Tail bantam

Buff Orpington

The Porcelain, lavender, silver and buff Barbu d'uclle (that's just one bird) :roll:


And the jury is still out on the other.


I like the silkies, would buy a chamois cos I feel sorry for it, love the gold silkies cos they are miniature - and feel sorry for the black mottled pekin and frizzle.


So I have 'ordered' the top three and will decide on impulse (as I do, but not a good idea and I might come back with a trailer full) when I go and collect them.


I might go Saturday to have a look - its a bit of a ride, but still - it is supposed to be raining :lol:


My cube is coming in four weeks time - so I can't bring them home until it is here as I have sold my other eglu and its gone to its new home.


Thank you for asking - I was going to post when I got them all at home - the actual chicks not the parents.


I will still do that of course.

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