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Jukebox Tim

New Additions post-LaVern

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Since the demise of LaVern we have added two new chooks to the "clutch"; Mojo and Lucille have joined Bessie and Mabel.


We got them from Jayne at Hollywater Hens (very helpful) not far from Farnham. They both surprised us with a couple of small eggs yesterday, much to the annoyance of Bessie and Mabel. There's been a bit of argey-bargey but it should settle down in a day or two. Shame the weather is so dire because we've not really been able to let them out of the run.

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Hi Tim,


Pleased to hear about your new chooks. My 3 girls argy bargy behaviour (more like nasty bullying actually) carried on for a week when my new chook arrived. But I only got 1 not 2 like you did (2 is better I think). Anyway, all is fine now after 2 weeks. Just thought you might like to know that.

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The mild bullying has pretty much settled down now after three days. We've introduced a new one before; when we got Bessie (our Cukoo Maran), LaVern and Mabel (Omlet hybrids) went apesh*t for a couple of days but quickly became best buddies. The odd squirt with a water pistol when it got too violent worked well.


I'll post some pics in the galllery soon. This weekend they've looked more like drowned rats than chickens.

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