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cant tell the difference.....?

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WE HAVE CHICKENS......................... YAY.......... :D:D:D:D:D:D


we have 6... :D:D:D


2 suffolk blacktails, one named squeak (cos it squeaks) little girl next door said the other should be bubble ( :D )

2 fenning white and 2 coral nicks - all yet to be named.


we only have one major problem, we cant tell the white ones apart. :shock:


how do you tell the difference between coral nicks and fenning whites? they look exactly the same to me. :?


one had a patch of slightly darker feathers on one side, (soon to be called splodge im sure,) the others look identical :shock:



can anyone help?




ta (oh sorry, photos to follow when couperman gets his act together and sorts the pics out!! :lol: )

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i read a story about a women who had siamese kittens which were identical so she put a tiny blob of different coloured food colouring on their heads, you could do this with there wings or something and it will stick for ages because its almost impossable to get food colouring of your hands trust me!

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We've got a silver nick, couperwife! I'd never heard of 'nicks' before! Our silver nick is slightly creamy off-white, unlike some other pure white chooks that were also at our suppliers. I couldn't see the difference at first, but when the man pointed it out to me it became clearer.


I'm sure you'll tell them all apart in time, because their personalities will all be different. In the meantime, you could get those little coloured bands for their legs - our supplier had some so you must be able to get them somewhere.

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