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new home for troublesome chicken

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hi all

my sussex star (lou) is becoming more and more troblesome i think this may be due to bordom (she is a bit of a free sprit) and i feel she is no longer happy in my small city garden, my other two will sit and enjoy the sun while lou attempts to flee down the street!!!. It has now reached a point where she is plucking the other two, i have tried beak bits etc but with no luck. So i have come to the painfull descion that it would be best for her to find a new home where she can roam free and have more space than i can provide.

Anyone out there?!!! i live in nottingham and am willing to travel in search of a new home


any idea how to calm down a excitable chicken



tess and adam

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Hi Tess,

Oh dear it does sound like you have a cast member of Chicken Run on your hands doesnt it! :shock:


Have you tried hanging up greens/sweetcorn etc in the run so they can peck at it throughout the day?


I have recently put up a mirror for my girls and they love looking at themselves in it - such a vain lot! :roll:


I also have a bail of straw, some large stones and large branches for the girls to climb on so they dont get bored.


If you havent done so already you could try some of these for a start :D


I do hope you keep her - just think of her as a chook with a lot of character! :lol::lol:

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lol i admit i had my doubts about the mirror, but 5min after putting it in both the quite chickens had settled down to watch themselves, what a vain pair!!! lou on the other hand realised that it would in no way help her escape and so doesnt bother!! thanks for the idea, its great fun to watch them wathcing themselves

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