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How can I get them down from the tree?

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As I wrote in the "won't go to bed" thread, my 3 are fast asleep high high up in a tree in the garden. I KNOW it's their instinct to go up there, but how on Earth do I get them to come down and go in the eglu to sleep instead? Can I hope they will survive and when they get older and heavier they will go in the eglu? I am torn between clipping their wings or not as I don't want them to be struggling to get away from a fox.... Well, it's all academic for tonight though. I'm leaving them up there and hoping for the best...

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Hi Laila,

I think that I would be inclined to clip one of their wings as I would worry so much about them roosting in a tree. Foxes can climb trees. :?


Also, if a fox did get hold of one of your hens-wing clipped or not I don't think it would stand much chance.

My three have all got one wing clipped each and they can still jump quite high and flap down the garden but it does stop them getting over the 6 foot fence.

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One of mine kept roosting in a tree but I used to get her down when she was drowsy and pop her back in the eglu each night. It only took a few nights and then she started going into the eglu by herself. Part of the problem was that she was being bullied and I think she was nervous about going in but by putting her in after dark she was accepted and now they are best buddies. I would not be happy leaving them in a tree overnight. I know it is a bit of a mission getting them down but I think it is worth it for peace of mind.

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