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hiya again, we are getting 6 chickens in about 5 weeks. from our local farm. the lady there said she would let us have some as soon as she knows wheather they are male or female. the ones for sale are frizzles and silkies (and a few more, but i cant remember them) but as i was reading my "handy chicken book" and its says that silkies are prone to mareks disease so should we get some any way? being first time chicken keepers we wouldnt want to risk it. also we were thinking of getting some ex battery chickens when we are a bit more experenced. is it very likely they would pass on any disease to my other chickens? oh and also it says in my "handy chicken book" that some of them die from shock i would feel so guilty if this happend.


sorry for so many questions

thanks for any replies! :D

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