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How Long Before Eggs?

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We got our chickens exactly two weeks ago and still no eggs. What is the average time before they start laying.


We let them free range as much as possible, I work until 3.15 each day so they are out from about 4.00pm until it gets dark. They are also quite friendly, although our particularly nosey one did manage to peck my daughter right in the eye this afternoon (she's fine - so's my daughter!!).


We are going on holiday in three weeks, so knowing my luck they will lay their first egg whilst we are away :roll: !


Anyway, has anyone any idea how long it takes for them to start laying, two were apparently on point of lay when we got them and our Rhode Island Red was a week behind.


Thanking you in anticipation!

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Hi Wendy


Glad to hear your daughter's ok - ouch!!


Do you know how old your hens are?

Mine started laying at about 26 weeks but some take much longer. Are they all hybrids?


Are their combs big and red? That's always a good sign they're getting ready to lay, also when you approach them they will start to crouch down - then you've got about a week to go :lol::lol:

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Hi Wendy. I've just posting the same reply to Pengiunmad - sorry if I am repeating myself.


My 1st chickens came from Omlet (and brochure says POL approx 18 weeks old) but I think in fact they were all different ages. You can see from my signature below they all started laying at different times.


My 4th Amber Star chicken sourced elsewhere was also POL (point of lay) but I was told by the agent was 14 weeks old. So I'm not expecting anything from her for a while.


My Miss Pepperpot crouched for a good few weeks before eggs arrived. But they did duly arrive following the crouching episode.


PS. Red, large combs is a good sign also but I should just say that the first of my chickens to lay has a tiny (only a few millimetres) comb and it is still the same. She's obviously a strange one.....


Also take a look at this post.


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