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I've got an eglu . But we're talking of upgrading already to a cube. :oops: Due to the fact that everytime I go shopping with my children I come home with another chicken. I think I've decided we'll stop now at 4. That's chickens.


Do you think I need to go for the cube with the 2 or 3m run? What do you think will be best idea as they will spend only about 2-4 hours free ranging? That's once we have the cube. At the moment they free range all day as the run is too small. Not sure I'll stop at 4 though, :? I've got my eye on a Bluebelle. :lol:

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I love my mew Bluebelle. Most hybrid hens (though gorgeous) look a bit ordinary, if you know what I mean: everyone has the same.


The Bluebelle is beautiful as well as productive. My little Bluebelle laid two eggs yesterday. This is something I couldn't quite believe possible, and I thought people who reported before it might be getting confused. But I have two hens in the Eglu, and one lays white eggs. The other laid a brown egg in the morning (admittedly very small) and a proper-size brown egg in the afternoon.


Anything up to ten hens is perfect: that is where I plan to stop, as I think there has to be a limit in a back garden. And although the Eglu is good, the Cube is very, very much better, and anyone who has a Cube will probably agree. But perfection is having both, as it gives you a nursery/sick bay etc.

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